Bultannews governmental website informs:

Concerns about the Facebook-appointments in the cities

Bultannews governmental website introduced 2 Facebook-appointments of "watermanship" and "Khaz-party" as "complicated plans" of the enemies of the Islamic Republic and warned about spreading such Facebook-appointments to the cities.

"watermanship war" and "Khaz-party" were two social programs which were appointed at Facebook and other social networks prior to their execustion, and were executed last week in Ibrahim and Pardisan parks of Tehran.

These two funny and entertaining programs led to anger of conservatives so that some parliament representatives declared that they will follow up the issue at the parliament.

Moreover, in response to such criticisms, Tehran Police declared that it has encountered the agents of another similar program in Tehran and has arrested some people in this regard.

Warning about such programs in other cities, Bultannews governmental website asked the police forces to "prevent repeating such problems".

The website wrote that "in fact, the Soft War with its cyber dimension and the influence of social networks is developing; we have to stop this influence as soon as possible, without any delay".

Besides, Bultannews tried to introduce such programs as organized by the green movement.

"watermanship" and "Khaz-party" Facebook-appointments have also raised the concerns of the intelligent and security officials and authorities. 

They are strongly worried about the functionality of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in organizing the youth and the protesters of the Islamic Republic.

During last two years, the Islamic Republic has strongly supervised the functionality of these social networks and has increased the accessibility to such networks by reinforcing its internet censorship.



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