A member of Security Commission of the Parliament says:

If the American surveillance drone was a military one, we would attack the American bases

Esmaeil Kowsari, a former Sepah commander says if the American surveillance drone captured in Eastern Iran was a military airplane, Tehran would attack all the American bases in the region and beyond.

According to a report by Fars news agency on Friday (December 9), Mr. Kowsari has warned the international societies "if the American American surveillance drones enter Iranian borders once more, Tehran will overwhelmingly respond".

According to this member of Iranian parliament, "if the Americans enter the Iranian borders by their military airplanes, we would allow ourselves to target the American military bases round the world"

Kowsari has added that "we have repeatedly said that if any country attack our borders, our defense will not be limited to any geographical region".

As the media of the Islamic Republic claim, the American surveillance drone has captured in eastern Iran in an unspecified time.

The Islamic Republic says that this drone has been captured by an electronic operation, but the American officials say that the drone has been collapsed due to a technical deficit.

The tensions among America, Israel and the west on one hand and the Islamic Republic on the other hand has increased considerably during last months.

Meanwhile some reports have been published implying the readiness of Israel to attack Iran but the military commanders of the Islamic Republic have responded seriously to such reports.

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