The first declaration of British Embassy occupiers:

Our "revolutionary" action is and will be "spontaneous"

The attackers to the British Embassy in Tehran published a declaration and said the occupation of the Embassy has been a "spontaneous" action and they will continue their "revolutionary" actions.

A group of extremist kickers against the British policy who are been called as "students" by the conservative media entered the British Embassy today (Tuesday, November 29) after a gathering in front of the Embassy.

The occupiers first fired some documents and equipment of the Embassy and published a declaration in which they stressed their continuing presence within the British Embassy.

According to Fars News Agency, the declaration says that "storming the British Embassy is being done by revolutionary students and such an action has not been done by the order of any official organization". 

The declaration adds "since the students have spontaneously stormed the British Embassy, they will continue their path based on their own revolutionary thought".

The occupiers have stated that such an occupation "is now being done with 33-year delay because this embassy of the old fox had to be occupied very earlier".

In their declaration, the occupiers of British Embassy have asked for complete rupture in London/ Tehran relations.

The declaration adds that "the same action as was done with America on November 4, 1979, now has to be done with Britain; and the students wait for the support of all Iranian people".

Moreover, IRNA has reported that "the security forces settled in front of British Embassy have asked the students to end their gathering in order to prevent the deviation of the revolutionary movement of the students of the Islamic Republic against the inimical policies of London government". 

According to this report, the security forces has stressed that they won't let the inside students leaving the embassy unless the outside student leave the place.

Conservative media have reported that the occupiers are going to perform religious rituals tonight and they have invited the religious flocks to attend such rituals.

In yet another report, IRNA has informed about closing the doors of Qolhak Garden to the attackers and has reported that a group of the students are still within the garden.

Besides, Daneshjo News Agency has reported about establishment of "Student Council for Occupying the British Embassy".

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