Tensions between juridical system and the state increases

Iranian Attorney General and State Governor warn each other

The tensions between Ahmadinejad's state and the Iranian Juridical system headed by Sadeq Larijani increased highly after the conflicts on Monday (November 21) in the Iran newspaper office after which the attorney general and the state governor of Tehran province warned each other.

In a failed attempt of security forces to arrest Ali Akbar Javanfekr, Ahmadinejad's consultant, the conflicts among the Iran Institute personnel and the forces of attorney general led to arresting 40 staff of Iran institute and shooting tear gas.

Although the Javanfek's injunction stopped and some of arrested staff got free due to Ahmadinejad's interference, but the verbal attacks among the governors and the juridical officials still continue.

In this regard, Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi, the attorney general, criticized Javanfekr's resistance against the attorney forces and warned Ahmadinejad's team stop repeating their charges and similar accuses.

On the other hand, Morteza Tamaddon, Tehran Governor visited Iran Institute and said that "we will seriously encounter the attackers to Iran Newspaper".

Mr. Tamaddon has added that "what happened in Iran Newspaper has been a very biter happening and it is not justifiable at all".

The new circle of the tensions among the State and the juridical system renewed after Javanfekr attacked in his interview with Etemad Newspaper to Juridical system and asked Mr. Mohseni Ejeyi to be silent.

In reaction to these statements, the juridical system banned Etemad Newspaper and convicted Javanfekr to 1 year prison sentence and 3 years of proscription from any media activities for publishing the controversial Khatoon magazine.

Yet in response to this action of juridical system, in his media session Mr javanfekr repeated his charges and consequently the security forces tried to arrest him at the end of the session.

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