Number of victims of Sepah explosion increases up to 36

The number of the victims of Sepah's ordnance warehouse explosion in Malard increased from 17 to 36.

Sepah's Public Relations had previously declared the victims of the explosion as 27 persons, but short after that declaration, Sepah excused the people and re-declared that the number of the victims has been 17.

This is while Mehr News Agency published the names of 21 victims on Wednesday (November 16).

Iran News Agency and Fars News Agency separately reported the funeral ceremony of 19 victims of the explosion conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday in different Iranian cities.

These two news agencies have referred to the identities of these 19 victims.

The mentioned list has been extracted from Mehr, Fars, and IRNA news agency which can be accessed from here (+), here(+), and (+)respectively.

1-Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam

2-Seyyed Reza Mirhosseini

3-Saed Nabipour Khomami

4-Mehdi Navvab

5-Bayram Alisafari

6-Mehdi Dashtbanzade

7-Ali Asqar Mansuran

8-Esmaeil Mohammadi

9-Ali Kangarani

10-Omid Talaeian

11-Mohammad Salgi

12-Morteza Mohammadrezapur

13-Vahid Ranjbar

14-Mohammad Qolami

15-Seyyed Mohammad Hosein Farduyi

16-Vahid Azizi

17-Meisam Jahangiri

18-Mehdi Hataminasab

19-Seyyed Reza Mohammadzade

20-Javad Salimi

21-Yusef Qarluqi

22-Hosein Amin Sahrei

23-Morteza Miri

24-Rasul Behrudi

25-Mehdi Golestani

26-Mahmud Dastar

27-Bohlul Mahmudi

28-Sattar Naseri

29-Mehrdad Mostafavi

30-Mohammad Hosseini

31-Mahmud Shojayi

32-Mohammad Hossein Zolfi

33-Vahid Shirmohammadlu

34-Behzad Mollanowruzi

35-Abbas Edgi

36-Abolfazl Edgi

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Posted by philippe boussart on 14 Aug 2012 :
earthquake and secret modern warfare

like cyber war ,meteorologic war is being used since the beginning of this century and since iran is a dangerous country ruled by gangsters and dictators ,this country is the most targeted in the world
the silence of iranian authorities is a proof that this earthquake is provoked

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