“Doubtful” death of Mohsen Rezayi’s son in Dubai

Mohsen Rezayi’s news agency informed that Ahmad Rezayi, the son of Expediency Discernment Council was “doubtfully” died.

Shahram Gillabadi, the information deputy of Expediency Discernment Council said that “while Ahmad Rezayi had resided in Room No. 23, in 18th floor of Dubai Gloria Hotel has died in a doubtful manner”.

Mr. Rezayi’s website has written that the “doubtful” death of Ahmad Rezayi has occurred simultaneously with “the martyr of some Mohsen Rezayi’s co-fighters”

The website refers to yesterday explosion at Revolutionary Guards military base near Karaj in which 17 staff of Sepah died.

The media declared that Hassah Moqaddam, the head of Sepah Self-efficiency Organization has also been died in the explosion”

Gillabadi has added that “the issue is under investigation and further information will be released as soon as completion the investigations”.

At the first round of Mohammad Khatami’s presidency, Ahmad Rezayi was refuged to America and his controversial interviews against the Islamic Republic caused lots of jangles. 

Few years later and at the beginning of tenth presidency election campaigns Mohsen Rezayi claimed that his son has returned to Iran.

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