Khamenei warns about the consequences of attacking Iran

Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic warned about any military action of the west against Iran and said "we will respond any invasion with a strong slag and iron fist of Sepah, Army and Basij".

According to Fars News Agency, in the graduation ceremony of Officer University of the Army on November 10, Mr. Khamenei declared the mentioned warnings.

He has said that "Iranian nation will react to any threat and invasion with its absolute power in a way that the invaders will disintegrate from inside. 

The leader of the Islamic Republic has stated this word in reaction to the reports implying that Israel is ready to attack the Iranian nuclear installations.

In recent weeks, the subject of Western attack to Iranian nuclear installations has been the top title of many Iranian and non-Iranian news and reports.

America and some Western countries, NATO members in particular have declared that they do not intend to attack Iran, but the Iranian military commanders have warned against the beginning of war with the Islamic Republic.

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