Yadollah Javani, the head of Sepah's Political Office says:

The most important task of Sepah is to guard Velayat Faqih

Yadollah Javani, the head of Sepah's Political Office declared that the most important task of this force is to protect Velayat Faqih. He claimed that Ahmadinejad's team has made relations with "foreigners".

In an interview with Daneshjo News Agency, Mr. Javani said that the most important consequence of the Islamic Republic is Velayat Faqih. He has emphasized that "Sepah is obliged to guard this consequence".

Javani has added that "in the field of foreign communications", Ahmadinejad's team "have made specific relations with some foreign elements which their hostility to the Islamic Republic is obvious".

According to him, this trend "has made some communications and has done some doubtful travels".

This Sepah commander said that the arrest of some relatives of Mahmud Ahmadinejad by Sepah forces has been "completely legal" and has added that "if any arrest has been done, it has been legal and due to the order of juridical officials".

In another part of his interview, Javani has stated that "political activities of Sepah are being done under the legal mission of this force. Sepah not only make political advices, but tries to encounter any deviation".

He had added that "no Sepahi man has the right to enter any political group. If any Sepahi man enters any political group and party, he will be encountered as a guilty person".

It is for several years Sepah and Basij forces have entered political activities and they intervene in the election. They claim that their activities are just to defend the consequences of the Islamic Republic.

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