More complete version of Ahmadinejad's speech being published

The situation is not normal at all; the final clash is near has published a more complete version of Ahmadinejad's speech in which he has seriously attacked the conservative critics of the government and supporters of Ali Khamenei.

nasimonline.irhad published some parts of Ahmadinejad's speech on Thursday (November 3) in which the head of the tenth State has threatened the critics of the State.

In this fuller version of speech, Mr. Ahmadinejad has addressed the conservative supporters of Khamenei and had said "if this State have half an hour time to speak, the price of the holes to be hide in will be increased"

The most important sentences of this speech are as follow:

● If someone stands in the positions which I am, maybe he would say just 10 percent of his words. He would say around 25 percent in future, but more than 60 percent of his words cannot be said for ever, because there are some higher policies and expediencies.

● If this State have half an hour time to speak, the price of the holes to be hide in will be increased.

● Would those who accuse us to oppose Velayat Faqih, declare their bank accounts and their financial transactions?

● The people are dissatisfied with and suffered from the dirt of such claimers who have been poor and have changed to millionaires.

● I said let me punish them in just a month with my own way. America and Europe cannot ruin this government, let alone these critics.

● I know the risks of provincial travels. Up to now tens of terrorist groups have tried to act against me but all of them have been arrested and their actions neutralized.

● They claim you are deviant. If the straight line is the line of the State's opponents so yes we are deviant and we have been deviant from the very beginning.

 ●They accused the State to be in relation with the fortunetellers but at last it got clear that we have never had such relations. Those make contact with the fortunetellers who claim to be the politicians.

● The situation is not normal at all. We are getting near to the final clash. Of course such a clash is not necessarily a military one. It can be a political clash. 

● We are reaching the apogee. If we are neglectful, we will be beaten so that we will not stand for 500 years.

● They wanted to attack Syria but I asked the General Secretary to say NATO if they start the attack, the region will be exploded.

● On 2005, they said if you do not resign, we will make s situation in which you cannot live in the country.

● In the recent bank corruption, the origin of the crime and forgery has been in Saderat Bank. They forced the manager of Saderat Bank to make an interview on Friday and say that the State has committed the crime. 

 ●The thief is in jail. They don’t ask him who had supported you but they ask the vice president of the Central Bank.

● We are still at the beginning of love. We have lots of works till the American emperor being overthrown from the White House. 

● All the burden of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was carried by me. They did not use the experts of the Ministry.

● They ruin and ask me to go and make it. That man writes in his newspaper [Keyhan] that "Bahrain belongs to Iran, go and occupy it". Then they ask why our diplomacy is so weak.

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