The new statistics of "dissident" websites presented by conservatives

Afaghnews.irnew conservative website claimed in a report that more than 5,130 internet website are acting against the Islamic Republic at present.

This website wrote on Monday (October 31) that "People's Mujahedin of Iran Organization (MEK), PJAK, and separatists are active on internet by their 172 websites".

Moreover, has added that 1,571 websites are acting against the Islamic Republic, conducted by the "unarmed groups to ruin the face of the Islamic Republic".

As the website claims, 1,540 websites are acting in support of Iranian Green Movement which financially and technically supported by "western countries".

Afaghnews.irhas added that 720 website are acting in the field of human rights and "one can find the footprints of Zionists and Baha'is figures on these internet websites".

The mentioned website has stated that 1127 "anti-religious" websites are active with the aim of "spreading the unhallowed thoughts, and publishing ethical abnormalities amongst the youths" on cyber space. 

Afaghnews.irhas not referred to the name and identity of none of 5000 websites who act against the Islamic Republic.

The officials of the Islamic Republic usually present contradictory statistics of the satellite channels and internet websites whom are believed by the officials themselves to act against the beliefs and faiths of the people.

The Islamic Republic regards the activities of the satellites, internet websites, and social networks as a "soft war" which are being claimed to act in order to overthrow the governing regime of Iran.

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