Sepah-associated news agency makes a news dossier for NATO

Fars News Agency: NATO's cultural attack against Libya begins

Fars news agency claims that NATO forces attack the Libyan Muslim society by the "western mannequins".

The news agency wrote on Monday (October 31) that "NATO forces have imported some mannequins from European countries to Libya to use them in a fashion show of untended wearing".

Fars has added that "fortunately this cultural attack of NATO forces has been weakly welcomed by Libyan Muslim people but there are still some serious concerns about the future of Libyan youths and the next actions of NATO forces in Libya".

According to Fars News Agency "the NATO had to use western girls in the mentioned show because the Libyan girls did not accept to wear such clothes".

The media of the Islamic Republic always refer to the freedom of women in choosing their own wearing as a political and western issue.

The Islamic Republic subordinated media, like some official authorities, call "unveiling" or "ill-veiling" phenomena a "soft war of the west against the Islamic Republic.

This is while the fashion issue is so interesting which not only the Islamic countries like Syria and Lebanon use mannequins for wearing shows, but the "festival of Islamic fashion and cloths" is being performed in Iran in recent years.

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