Sepah Commander of Urmia says:

The bridge over the first and second generation of Sepah is not well-built

Fakhrali Qolizadeh, Sepah Commander of Urmia Northwest headquarter of Iran approved the discrepancies between the first generation and the second and current generation of Sepah and said that the bridge over the first and second generation of Sepah is not well-built. 

According to Information Center of Urmia Sepah, Mr. Qolizadeh has stated that "the difference in opinion of the first and second generation of Sepah is natural due to the time requirements".

He has added that "the important problem, is the communicative bridge between the generation, but I think the problem lays in the fact that we have failed to adjust the bridge". 

According to Qolizadeh, "aggregate missions" and "job engagements" are the most important factors which have prohibited the two generations to "communicate their culture and beliefs and thoughts".

Several reports have been published in recent years showing the discrepancies amongst Sepah's body but the commanders of this force never manage to approve such reports.

Since the protests against 2009 election results started and Sepah and Basij suppressed the people, the discrepancies emerged among the body of this faithful force of Ali Khamenei.

Moreover, last year some of Sepah commanders implicitly pointed to the companion of some Sepah members with the green movement and they had declared that such members repented after attending in some "friendly" sessions. 

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