The deputy of parliament Foreign Policy Commission says:

"People uprising" in Britain is affected by the "Islamic Awareness"

Hassan Ebrahimi, the deputy of parliament Foreign Policy Commissiondescribed the recent riots of Britain as a "people uprising" and said that such an uprising is "affected by a the Islamic awareness in Middle East".

According to a Fars News Agency report on Friday (August 12), Mr. Ebrahimi has said that "we have to realize that the people uprising in Europe are affected by the Islamic Awareness in Middle East".

According to him "the people uprising which began in some deprived regions of Britain has now extended to all around the Britain and now all the black and white people have come to the scene".

Ebrahimi has added that "all the protesters of the world just follow the fairness, freedom, and indiscrimination".

The authorities of the Islamic republic call the British riots the "Islamic awareness".

Fars News Agency also welcomed these riots and wrote that Ali Khamenei had previously predicted such uprisings.

Moreover, Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the Chief Commander of Basij Organization has declared the readiness of Ashura and Alzahra battalions to be sent to London to act as the "Peace Guardians". 

Besides, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, the head of the tenth state, and some members of the parliament have condemned police's encounter with the rioters and have asked the British authorities to show continence against the rioters.

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