Mohsen Rafighdust, the Former Chairman of Mostazafan Foundation says:

Sepah does no commercial activities and has no wharf

Mohsen Rafighdust, the Former Chairman of Mostazafan Foundation denied any oil, trade, or commercial activity of Sepah and said that Sepah has no illegal wharf.

Mostazafan Foundation is one of the biggest economic cartels who act directly under the supervision of Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic.

In an interview with Jomhuri-e Eslami newspaper, Mr. Rafighdust said that "if anybody knows about Sepah's activity in purchase and sale, imports and exports, industrial productions and so on except its civil works, we ask him to declare it".

Rafighdust added that if some persons possess some documents and evidences about Sepah's oil and commercial activities, please publish their documents and specify the names and addresses of the factories to be followed-up.

This ex-commander of Sepah stated that "some say that Sepah is working in the oil field. This is a lie. Sepah does not purchase and sale anything, Sepah has no commercial activity, it has no factory, and Sepah has no farming; Sepah does civil works". 

He added that "I deny that Sepah has secret wharfs in which it does its commercial activities. In know that Sepah never do this. If other organizations have such wharfs I am not responsible for them and I have no information about it".

In another part if its interview, Rafighdust confirmed the economic activities of Sepah Cooperation Foundation and Khatam-al-Anbia Headquarter and said "these are two separate organizations whose resources are clear and they have no relevance to each other".

He added that "Cooperation Foundation" possesses some factories to supply the needs of Sepah forces which do commercial activities as well".

Sepah is the most powerful military organization in the Islamic Republic which has been active in economics and commerce for years and has been the winner of many governmental bids, tenders and assignment.

Some weeks ago, Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad addressed Sepah commanders as "our smuggler brothers" and implicitly said that Sepah is smuggling via its illegal wharfs. 


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