Addressing the authorities of the Islamic Republic, Haeri Shirazi says:

Insist on amputation the same as your insist on Israel's omission

Ayatollah Mohyedin Haeri Shirazi, the member of Assembly of Experts, asked the authorities of the Islamic Republic to insist on amputation the same as they insist on deleting Israel from the world map. 

The Assembly of Experts is an institution whose task is to select, supervise and dethrone the leader of the Islamic Republic.

According to Rasa News Agency, in an speech for a group of juridical trainees on Tuesday June 7, Mr. Haeri Shirazi said "anyone who lifts from a home, has to be amputated and nothing else".

He added "if we say Israel has to be removed from geographical maps, and if we insist on our words despite all the pressures, we have to insist on Islamic rules as well".

This member of Assembly of Experts has asked the judges to prefer the "whiplash" over the "prison" and "don’t care about their own reputation and never dread the unpopularity".

According to him, "the first thing that the judges have to get rid of it, is the prison sentences because the prison is not a place for penitentiary for repentance but a place for spreading the crimes".

He added that "the prison has a negative effect on normal and healthy people and it is not correct to send the healthy people to the prison".

This supporter of Ali Khamenei says such words while incarcerating the political and cultural activists by fake charges has a long history in the Islamic Republic.

Moreover, many social criminals have faced heavy sentences like whiplash, execution in exposure, stoning, and long term imprisonments in a way that many human rights institutions have had to protest such verdicts.

Haeri Shirazi is amongst the mullahs who defend the amputation verdicts in Iran and who has criticized the authorities of the Islamic Republic for their hesitation in executing such verdicts.


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