Masoud Jazayeri, Cultural Assistant of Military Forces Headquarters says:
The Cultural Assistant of Military Forces Headquarters says that the recent rebels of London have been a "popular movement" but the British government organized the hooligans to deface the movement.
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23 Aug 2011
Jafar Sobhani, one of Qom's Marjas:
Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, one of Qom's Marja said that Israel intervenes in region's changes and every change in the region will "harm Islam" and is in favor of "Tel Aviv".
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22 Aug 2011
Daneshjo News claims:
Daneshjo News quoted an expert of International affairs who has said Michel Foucault, the eminent French philosopher has stated "Ayatollah Khamenei's popularity is mythical".
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21 Aug 2011
Facebook-based appointments extends to other Iranian cities
The Security police of Khuzestan Southeast province arrested 4 persons due to their attempt to coordinate a Facebook-based appointment named "let's have a good day".
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21 Aug 2011
Basij Commander calls "Imam Followers" "hypocrite"
The commander of Basij described Mohammad Khatami, "Imam Followers" and all reformists as "hypocrites" who –as his claims- are more dangerous than the terrorists of Iran's 1980s.
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20 Aug 2011
Qom Province Governor says:
Qom Province governor says that "interruptions in Banking system and car traffic" are the "long-term plans of the enemies to dissatisfy the people" in order to impact the Islamic Republic.
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18 Aug 2011
Alef conservative website claims:
Alef conservative website states that "watermanship", "Khaz party", and "watermelon-eating" Facebook appointments are "cultural conspiracies" and "threats" against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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17 Aug 2011
A member of Keyhan Newspaper Editorial Board informs:
A member of Keyhan Newspaper Editorial board informed that Ahmadinejad's team tries to delete the "fundamentalism" and to pursue the structural changes in the Islamic Republic regime.
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16 Aug 2011 (2010 - 2011)