Avaz Heidarpur, the member of National Security Committee of the Parliament says:
Avaz Heidarpur, the member of National Security Committee of the Parliament says that during the attack of Basij forces to British Embassy in Tehran, some gangesters played role as well.
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16 Dec 2011
A member of Security Commission of the Parliament says:
Esmaeil Kowsari, a former Sepah commander says if the American surveillance drone captured in Eastern Iran was a military airplane, Tehran would attack all the American bases in the region and beyond.
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09 Dec 2011
The first declaration of British Embassy occupiers:
The attackers to the British Embassy in Tehran published a declaration and said the occupation of the Embassy has been a "spontaneous" action and they will continue their "revolutionary" actions.
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30 Nov 2011
It is announced a year after Majid Shahriari's assassination:
Minister of Foreign Affairs said that Majid Shahriari was the only Iranian scientist who helped the Islamic Republic to reach the production of 20% fuel plates through his nuclear calculations.
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28 Nov 2011
2 days before gathering of Basiji students:
Fars News Agency compared the British Embassy in Tehran with the former American Embassy and asked for complete annihilation of British, German and French "Nests of Spy" in Tehran.
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27 Nov 2011
Tensions between juridical system and the state increases
The tensions between Ahmadinejad's state and the Iranian Juridical system headed by Sadeq Larijani increased highly after the conflicts in the Iran newspaper office.
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22 Nov 2011
The number of the victims of Sepah's ordnance warehouse explosion in Malard increased from 17 to 36.
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16 Nov 2011
Mohsen Rezayi’s news agency informed that Ahmad Rezayi, the son of Expediency Discernment Council was “doubtfully” died.
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13 Nov 2011

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